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Full-time at your service since the beginning of this century

Eloquo doesn’t handle any paper but only touches electronic files and saves a lot of trees (and time) doing so. We:

Eloquo writes Dutch copy and translates your documents into Dutch. We do all that ourselves; we’re not an agency. All our services should be equally profitable and our aim is to invoice around € 33.00 per worked hour, irrespective of the activity. Our prices per word are fixed; the time planning is an estimate: some subjects are tougher than others. Below you’ll find an overview of our estimated capacity and our prices per word for French to Dutch, English to Dutch and German to Dutch translations. We count the number of words automatically in Microsoft Word.

Professional translators only translate into their mother tongue. Dutch (NL-NL) is our only target language. Go to ProZ.com to find a German, French or English freelancer. That’s also a good place to go for medical and legal translations.

Read the General Conditions that apply to all our services.

Cooperation with Eloquo

I’m always interested in working together with colleagues and agencies on concrete projects and assignments. I’m less interested in inclusion in the databases of agencies I’ll never hear from again.

Tariffs, discounts and surcharges

We don’t charge extra for rush jobs. Ask for discount for texts of more than 10,000 words. For big translations, using your Translation Memory (Wordfast, Trados, TMX, etc.) or your pretranslated Word documents, the following reductions apply: 50% discount for 100% matches and repetitions, 25% discount for 95%-99% matches, no discount for 0%-94% matches.


Copywriting and transcreation

You provide us with various Dutch, English, French and German documents, web addresses of your competitors and advice, and give us a description of the intended audience. Eloquo does some research and delivers sound, well-written, well-formatted Dutch texts, optimised for your target audience.

170 words per hour, € 0.20 per word or € 33.00 per hour.


You send us your English, French or German documents (and optionally your Translation Memories) as an e-mail attachment. Eloquo delivers a professional translation, optimised for your target audience and without differing from the original layout.

300 words per hour, € 0.11 per source word.


You send us the source and target documents (or the segmented document) of a finished translation. Eloquo corrects errors in spelling, grammar, formatting and style, and fixes inconsistent, unclear and faltering sentences.

600 words per hour, € 0.06 per source word.


You send us the source and target documents (or the segmented document) of a finished and already edited translation. Eloquo corrects the last glitches and inconsistencies.

1000 words per hour, € 0.03 per source or target word.

The difference between editing and proofreading is not always clear. It depends largely on the quality of the translation provided. A rule of thumb is that the source text is not really necessary to proofread a translation. If the editing process turns out to be more expensive than agreed, Eloquo will contact you before starting the job.

Translators are regularly invited to post-process machine translations – preferably at a proofreading rate. I found out that I’m not suited for that kind of work.

My hourly rate of € 33.00 is also my minimum rate.

10 reasons to work with Eloquo


I don’t take on translations about subjects I don’t understand. Delivery on time is a matter of honour for me.


Translation is my daytime job. I am full-time available as a freelancer. I try to respond immediately to e-mails and am also available by phone during and after office hours.


I started in 1988 as a copywriter and have been working as a full-time translator since 1999. I witnessed the rise of the PC and the Internet at work and have been able to keep my advantage in IT.


A good commercial translator must be a nit-picker. A practiced and sharp eye for typos and errors in spelling, grammar and formatting of the original and the translation is essential. My work is additionally checked by my wife, and she’s even stricter than me.


Because I do not accept more work than I can handle, I always have time for small rush jobs. If necessary I also work in the evenings and during weekends.


We keep confidential information secret. Indeed, no one will ever know that I translated for you and what I translated for you. Please accept that I can’t give references for that very reason.


I have a gift for languages, a smooth writing style and a nimble mind. Due to my thorough general knowledge and cultural interest I’m versed in many areas and fast in reading up on new topics.


I’m a low-maintenance translator. I translate equally well from English, French and German. I work with Wordfast or Trados, you name it. I have never received a file format I couldn’t cope with and I don’t charge extra for HTML and Excel files.


I don’t translate medical, legal or highly technical texts, but for the rest I’m an omnivore. I specialize in the translation of business and marketing texts, website copy and texts in the fields of PR, IT, arts and culture, gastronomy, tourism, consultancy, logistics and HR.


My translations are checked by both me and my wife. That’s included in my translation rate. No extra charge for rush jobs, difficult texts, file conversions and corrections. Very competitive hourly rate.